Dog Days of February?

At business schools, the biggest events tend to be concentrated in fall and spring. At Darden, we still have a few months before Foxfield, Cold Calls in Flagler Courtyard, great golf weather, the nostalgia of graduation, etc. Most schools can tout similar types of activities. It begs the question: what do business school students do to stay busy in the “dog days” of February, with recruiting finished and graduation coming down the pike? As it turns out, quite a lot:

  • UVA Basketball Games. I’ve been to around eight basketball games this year. As I write this, UVA is squarely on the bubble for the NCAA tournament. A 9:00pm Thursday night game against Duke on February 28 should be insane.
  • Darden Conferences. The Business in Society conference, sponsored by a number of Darden’s non-traditional clubs including the Education Club, witnessed incredible attendance last Friday. I’m also looking forward to attending the Private Equity Conference in a few weeks.
  • Events with Future Employers. One of the perks of working for one of the larger recruiters (a consulting firm) is offeree dinners as the SY (second year) and FY (first year) recruiting cycles finish up in November and February, respectively. In addition, I’m planning to visit my firm’s new office in Washington DC this weekend. Both events offer an opportunity to stay in touch and catch up with some friendly faces.
  • Social Tuesdays. I find myself doing trivia for the first time since college at one of Charlottesville’s local bars. Starting next Tuesday, Darden Bowling starts up again. Our team is still squarely divided over the team name.
  • Events with UVA Law. The Law School maintains a tradition called Feb Club, where students hold a theme party every night during February. My favorite theme: The Magic of Feb Club, where the description reads, “There are two kinds of people: Those who love Harry Potter and liars.”
  • Overloading. As a SY, students need to average five courses per term, in the absence of independent studies, global business experiences, etc. I’m overloading this term, in order to enjoy my last quarter as much as possible.

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