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My Favorite Electives

The first-year (FY) at Darden focuses on the core curriculum, like most other top business schools. It’s not until the last term of FY, term six, that students start the elective period. Elective offerings differ significantly by student, as one would expect: I’m trying to take multiple courses in economics and marketing, while also looking out for those “can’t-miss” courses across a variety of subjects. I won’t claim to have enrolled in the “best” electives to date: because of scheduling conflicts, bidding popularity, or different interests, I’ve missed out on several great classes like Developing New Products. I’ll also note that some of the classes I’m most looking forward to (including the Thomas Jefferson reading seminar) take place during the next two quarters. Without any more caveats, here are a few of my favorite electives at Darden to date:
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