Welcome Back

First, apologies for the delay in getting this blog post together. Since returning to campus a few weeks ago, it’s been a whirlwind of activity. At the same time, it’s great to be back: there are so many people I was genuinely excited to catch up with after a summer away. Further, after wearing a suit and tie every day this summer while in London (the location of my consulting project), there’s something about wearing shorts that makes life that much more enjoyable. Below are a few observations of my first few weeks back:

  • Busy Schedule. Like most second-years, I’ve probably underestimated the time commitment required for club and any other leadership activities. I can only imagine what some schedules are like.
  • Recruiting. You hear that recruiting starts early second-year, but again, it’s easy to underestimate this. I’m thankful to be in a good spot coming out of the summer, and am not entirely envious of my classmates going to networking nights three times per week. That said, the spread and drink selection at school-sponsored networking nights is pretty outstanding.
  • New Faces. I really thought I knew almost everyone in the SY class, but am surprised to see a few new faces this year (other than exchange students). I’m sure these people are thinking the same thing about me.
  • Challenging Coursework. Am I the only one that finds SY to be a lot more work than FY? This year, I’ve enrolled in classes outside my core skill sets (I studied finance and accounting in undergraduate). This first quarter will be a bit of a slog, but at the same time I enjoy learning new subjects. I now definitely appreciate how much I leaned on my prior experience last year to provide a balanced schedule.
  • Unaligned Schedules. One strange phenomenon during SY: there are some buddies that I literally never see around campus. I find myself seeing friends on the weekend and saying, “Man, I haven’t seen you in weeks.” This is a contrast to FY, when every student is on the same 8:00am – 1:10pm class schedule (and likely 7:00pm – 9:00pm learning team schedule) through March.
  • Camping Trip. To end on an upbeat (and otherwise entirely unrelated) note, I had an absolutely amazing time on the SY camping trip. Like many of the other participants this year, I passed on the FY camping trip, and definitely felt as if I missed out on a great time. The group that attended this year was a great mix of really close friends and new friends (classmates I didn’t know very well going in but now know well). Shout-out to my tipsy buddy for spotting a bobcat while tubing.  

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