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Busy Spring Slate

It’s been too long since I last updated this blog, so apologies there. As a first-year (FY), you hear early on that life gets a lot better in the spring, but to be honest, I didn’t ascribe much weight to this argument: I felt I already maintained a pretty healthy balance of recruiting, schoolwork, and fun during the first four terms. However, at this time I can definitively say that after returning from spring break, life is far more enjoyable and, at least personally, geared much more towards enjoying the social offerings of business school. A combination of (a) completion of summer recruiting for many, (b) an open slot each evening that was previously occupied by learning team meetings (FY have now moved on to electives), and (c) nice weather all play a role in freeing up FYs’ calendars. School-sponsored activities also ramp up in the spring (more below), but there are a variety of other factors that make spring in Charlottesville great. Below are just a few of my favorite social activities since returning from spring break six weeks ago:
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